Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park

Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (Yirgalem IAIP) is located about 40km south of Awassa (260km south of Addis Ababa) in south-central Sidama Region. It is under the SNNPR Industrial Parks Development Corporation.

Easily accessible from other places in southern Ethiopia and Lake Langano, Yirgalem IAIP sits on 294.5 Hectares. Yirgalem is gifted with lush, fertile and sub-tropical land and the IAIP specializes in agro-processing.

Yirgalem IAIP plays an important role in the country’s economy, reducing poverty and creating a better environment for investors in agro-food and allied sectors.

There are 6 Rural Transformation Centers (RTCs) situated within a 100-kilometer radius of the park at Dilla, Yirgachefe, Bule, Daye, Aletawondo and Hawela Tula. The RTCs are rural development initiatives of the Government of Ethiopia that not only facilitate inclusive rural development, but also serve as a linkage to Yirgalem IAIP in terms of raw material supply. At the RTCs, agricultural produce is collected, sorted, stored and may undergo primary processing before onward transport. For most farmers, the RTCs are the main point of contact with commercial agricultural value chains.

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