The ministry earned 79,319.53 million USD from exports

In November 2021, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration  announced that it had planned to earn 93,042.82 million USD from export-supported exports and achieved 79,319.53 million (85.25%) USD.

Compared to the same month last year, the revenue showed an increase of 8,956.19 million USD (12.73%).

Export-controlled products include oilseeds, cereals, natural gum and incense, chat, eucalyptus,  cane grains, and livestock.

Out of November 333,932.93 million USD, 23.75% of the Ministry's exports accounted for.

Overall, the Ministry accounted for 23.75% of the total revenue of oilseeds, 9.90% of cereals, 4.85% of cereals, 0.10% of natural gum and incense, 8.33% of eucalyptus, 0.04% of eucalyptus, 0.06% of pulp and cane and 0.48% of livestock.

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