The Ethiopian Buy Exhibition and Bazaar contributes to the creation of new markets for its products

Addis Ababa, January 12,  2022 (MOTI) The Ethiopian Buy Exhibition and Bazaar, which will be open from January 1 to 6, 2022, will play an important role in creating new market destinations for various export and industrial products.

He said the country has been undergoing comprehensive reforms in the agricultural, industrial and mining sectors in the past few months, with special emphasis on increasing production and productivity and export and job creation. It has been working hard to bring results in the manufacturing sector, earning more than $ 203 million (94 percent of the plan) over the past five months.

In the wake of the economic war, our domestic and foreign historical enemies have been doing a lot of work, not only to prevent production but also to prevent the product from reaching the world market, especially the US AGOA market. He said work is underway to find new market destinations, adding that the exhibition and bazaar will play an important role in attracting new markets.

Exhibition and Bazaar: The Diaspora community to get information about the state of the country's production and industry, to see the products being produced in our manufacturing industry and the viability of the sector, to market their products and to stimulate the economy. It is important for the Diaspora to connect with the manufacturing industries to expand their market access and create opportunities to expand the tight market in Agoa.

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