The Diaspora must play its part in the effort to rectify the trade deficit

Addis Ababa: January 12,  2022 (MOTI)  The Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations has called on Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian descent to engage in the economic sector.

At the National Investment Forum under the theme "Invest Ethiopia", the activities, opportunities, market opportunities and options are being discussed in the business sector.

State Minister of Trade and Regional Cooperation, Denge Boru, on his part said the country has been focusing on agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and other sectors for the past three years.

He recalled that 3.3 billion USD was earned from the 2013 budget, which played a significant role in agricultural production. He said patriotic Ethiopians and Ethiopians of Ethiopian descent can benefit from the service as a direct trade registration and licensing service has been launched to make the system more efficient.

"Ethiopia has a huge trade deficit," he said.

He called on the Diaspora community to play their role as ambassadors by using the country's products, using them for the benefit of others, and promoting their products in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and other destination markets.

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