Revenue generated $ 1.28 billion from exports

Addis Ababa, December2, 2021 (MOTI) - The country has earned $ 1.28 billion from various exports over the past four months.

Minister of Trade and Regional Cooperation, Gebremeskel Chala, said 98 percent of the target was achieved, out of a total of $ 1.31 billion, out of a total of $ 1.28 billion.

He said the agricultural sector generated $ 904 million, the mining sector $ 188 million, the manufacturing sector $ 157 million and electricity $ 30 million.

Coffee topped the list with $ 417 million, followed by Gold with $ 182.56 million, Flower $ 163 million and Khat with $ 148 million.

He said despite the country's instability, the country's foreign exchange earnings are progressing well and will continue to be strengthened.

A “Export Market Development and Promotion Strategy” is being developed with the aim of increasing the number of products available for export and increasing market access.

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