Petroleum products from November 9, 2021(MOTI) to January 08, 2022 Statement of Retail Price

Following is a directive issued by the Council of Ministers at its regular meeting on September 23, 2001, regarding the retail price of petroleum products from November 30, 2014 to December 30, 2014. ፡ Searching

As a result, with the ever-increasing global selling price of petroleum products, the stabilization fund has suffered more losses than ever before; Domestic retail prices are up to 100% lower than in neighboring countries, as the product is more prone to smuggling. Also, given the current situation in the country, it is necessary to revise the retail price of petroleum products and a new retail price has been set.

Therefore, according to this price review,

The retail price of petroleum products in Addis Ababa will be as follows:

v Gasoline -------------------------------- Birr 31.74 / liter

v White Diesel ---------------------------- Birr 28.94 / liter

ሮ Kerosene ------------------------------ Birr 28.94 / liter

v Light Black Diesel ------------------ Birr 23.73 / liter

v Heavy Black Diesel ------------------ Birr 23.29 / liter

v Plane Fuel -------------------- Birr 58.77 / liter

The Ministry has issued a public announcement regarding the price adjustment and the retail price list of the products included in this public announcement will be published tomorrow (November 30, 2014) in Addis Zemen newspaper and will be available in all regions of the country starting from November 30, 2014. It will be done.

November 29, 2014

     Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations

To determine and control the price of petroleum products

Public notice

Part One

1. The issuing authority

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations has issued this public declaration in accordance with Proclamation No. 1263/2014, defining the powers and functions of the executive bodies of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

2. Short title

This public notice, which was issued to determine and control the price of petroleum products, may be referred to as the effective tariff of petroleum products from November 307/2014 to December 30, 2014.

3. Interpretation

In this public announcement:

3.1. "Minister" or "Ministry" literally means Minister of Trade and Regional Relations.

3.2. "Petroleum products" include ordinary gasoline, ethanol gasoline mixture, white diesel, lamba / kerosene, jet fuel, light black diesel and heavy black diesel.

3.3. Petroleum Distribution Company is a company established to distribute fuel to gas stations by purchasing petroleum products from the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Company.

3.4. A gas station is a company set up to sell all petroleum products in a modern way to retailers.

3.5. The TNT check is a foreign exchange check issued by the National Bank of Ethiopia.

3.6. A TNT Cash Coupon is a foreign exchange check made by an oil company.

Part Two

About price

4. Fuel Price

4.1. The retail price of petrol in Addis Ababa and its environs (Addis Ababa, Burao and Alem Gena) will be Birr 31.74 / liter.

4.2. The cost of supplying jet fuel to consumers is as follows.

• Addis Ababa ---------------------------------- Birr 58.77 / liter

• Dire Dawa -------------------------------------- Birr 57.77 / liter

• Bahir Dar ------------------------------------ Birr 58.79 / liter

• Gondar ---------------------------------------- Birr 58.90 / liter

• Axum -------------------------------------- Birr 58.83 / liter

• Forty Sources --------------------------------- Birr 59.42 / liter

• Jimma ----------------------------------------- Birr 59.39 / liter

• Mekele ---------------------------------------- Birr 58.39 / liter

• Asosa ------------------------------------------ Birr 59.97 / liter

• Gambella --------------------------------------- Birr 60.08 / liter

• Jijiga ---------------------------------------- Birr 58.04 / liter

• Lalibela ----------------------------------------- Birr 58.46 / liter

• Hawassa ---------------------------------------- Birr 59.17 / liter

might be.

4.3. Tariffs for gasoline, kerosene, white diesel and jet fuel;

Car type asphalt gravel

Shelto Botte 0.25277 sq. Km 0.28679 sq. Km

Bote with a subtraction of 0.18025 sq km / km 0.20096 sq. Km

By adding 9% to the transport tariff shown in the table above to transport light black diesel and heavy black diesel; Alshjira - Metema Gasoline Transport 106.35 l / km; 96.92 sq km to transport sulfurta ethanol from Fincha / Metehara - 4.54 sq. Km from Addis Ababa to Sululta fuel mix for ethanol blending and 8.79 sq km to transport ethanol gasoline from Sululta to Addis Ababa. It was decided that the oil companies would pay the transporters.

4.4. The Ethiopian Petroleum Corporation (EPC) has detailed the price to be paid to the oil distribution companies.

4.5. If the public notice is found to be erroneous within 3 working days from the effective date of the retail price of the petroleum products of the cities, the price will be valid as long as it is valid.

4.6. No gas distribution company or gas station may sell more than the wholesale or retail price specified in this notice.

4.7. Ethanol gasoline is distributed only to Addis Ababa and its environs (Addis Ababa, Burayu and Alemgena), and if distribution companies distribute or are found outside the area, it is illegal and punishable by law.

Part Three

Function and responsibility

5. Functions and responsibilities of an oil distribution company;

Any oil distribution company will be

5.1. Wholesale fuel according to this public notice;

5.2. Carrying a certain amount of fuel from the Ministry to be stored separately at the fuel depot;

5.3. Report to the Ministry and the regional bureaucracies on a daily basis the amount of fuel that is being transported to and from the center of the country, as well as the amount of fuel stored at depots in Addis Ababa and other cities.

5.4. To sell fuel in accordance with the directive issued by the Ministry to any company or individual;

5.5. Purchase of petroleum products from a fuel depot

5.5.1. Government agencies and organizations, embassies and international organizations as well as private organizations;

5.5.2. Gas stations, retail and licensed retailers of petroleum products at all times.

5.6. Provide timely information requested by the Ministry or other appropriate government body;

5.7. In the event of an agreement with a new customer who buys petroleum products directly from the depot, notify the Ministry in advance before distributing the product and distribute it when the new customer has completed the required formalities;

5.8. Previously issued by the Ministry of Finance

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