Livestock marketing consultative forum held

Addis Ababa, January 02,  2022 (MOTRI) - The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MOTRI) has consulted with livestock exporters, traders, suppliers and meat exporters as well as state and federal institutions that support the sector. In Bishoftu town, discussions aimed at increasing the declining livestock trade to find a common solution.

State Minister for Trade and Regional  Integration, Dange  Boru, on his part said the country is one of the leading countries in the livestock sector in Africa and the world, but its contribution to the country's economic growth is declining. He said he should.

He said the government is working hard to transform the sector and increase its economic potential. They thought.

 According to the Central Statistics Authority of Ethiopia (2021), Ethiopia has 70.2 million head of cattle; 42.9 million sheep; Despite its assets of 52.5 million goats and 8.1 million camels, only 47.18 million USD (1.788 percent) of the US $ 3.63 billion in foreign exchange earnings in the 2013 fiscal year was presented by the Ministry's Livestock Marketing Director, Mosnet Belay. You explained.

Many questions were answered and work was done.

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