It earned $ 311.5 million in export revenue in October

Addis Ababa,December 3,  2021 (MOTI) - It is planned to earn 358.9 million USD from export trade in October, earning 311.5 million USD (86.80%).

 The agricultural sector accounted for $ 205.9 million, of which $ 39.6 million was earned from the industrial sector, $ 58.5 million from the mining sector, and $ 7.54 million from electricity and others.

 Based on the first quarter performance, a 100-day plan has been developed and work is underway to increase export earnings. The strategic focus areas of the plan are to increase the number of products entering modern exports, increase market access and expand access markets through bilateral trade relations and negotiations. In order to increase export earnings, five products are being introduced into the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange trading system and seven types of products are being entered into contract management systems.

Finding alternative markets for AGOA, refining contract farm information, establishing legal barriers to productivity and inflation, preventing illegal and smuggling trade, formulating and enforcing the trading system, and exporting to regional and city administration trade bureaus and responsible institutions. Doing so is one of the most important issues to consider.

The 100-day plan, which runs from October to December 30, 2014, is expected to generate $ 1.4 billion in export revenue.

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