In order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Ministry, every employee must fulfill his / her duties and responsibilities with good discipline.

 Addis Ababa, January 26,  2022 (MoTI) - The Ministry of Trade and Regional Coordination has held a discussion with the staff of the Ministry on the implementation of the 6-month plan and the next 6-month plan.

The Minister of Trade and Regional Relations of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Gebre Meskel Chala, who was present at the forum, said that despite the unfavorable working environment, the ministry has achieved good performance in the past six months.

Noting that one of the ministries that has been given a number of responsibilities is the Ministry of Trade and Regional Coordination, Gebremeskel also stressed the need for the ministry staff to carry out their duties in a disciplined manner.

State Minister for Trade Relations and External Promotion Sector, Dange Boru, on his part, said any ministry employee should understand the duties and responsibilities assigned to him and carry out his duties in the required quality and speed without any incentive. He said a process will be set up.

 State Minister for Quality Infrastructure and Certification, Endale Mekonnen on the occasion said the ministry has registered better performance in the past six months, but there are still activities that need to be given special attention.

He said trade policy is one of the demands of the member states as a negotiator to make the country a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

  State Minister for Trade System and Licensing, Hassan Mohamed, on his part said the ministry will work closely with relevant stakeholders to fulfill the many national responsibilities given to it by the government and the people.




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