In November, it earned 333,932.93 million USD from exports

Addis Ababa, January 01,  2022 (MOTRI) - The plan to earn 334,088.99 million USD from the Agriculture, Manufacturing and Mining Sector and other commodities in November 2021 has achieved 333,932.93 million USD (99.95%).

This is an increase of 99,563.90 million USD (42.48%) compared to 234,369.03 million USD in the same month last year.

Coffee, oilseeds, spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables, textiles and clothing, food and pharmaceuticals, chemicals and construction materials, meat and dairy products and electricity have exceeded the target in November.

About 60% to 99% of the plan is achieved in the cereals, cereals, natural gum and incense, khat, pen and cane and metal and engineering sectors.

On the other hand, exports with less than 60 percent foreign exchange earnings are livestock, leather and leather goods, gold and eucalyptus, respectively.

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