Ethiopia is in talks to join the World Trade Organization

Addis Ababa, January 13,  2022 (MOTI) - The World Trade Organization (WTO), which is leading the WTO, has today reached 164 member states, while nine non-member states, including Ethiopia, are in the process of joining the negotiations.

According to Muse Mandaye, Director of Trade and Negotiations at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations, the founders were wealthy countries.

Ethiopia and Liberia were not colonized and did not participate in the formation of the organization. As a result, they claim, most of the laws and regulations were written by colonial powers or outside Africa. African countries have been involved in subsequent negotiations.

Much of the world's trade flows through and is regulated by this organization; Non-member states, such as Ethiopia, must also adhere to the organization's guidelines; The challenge of not being a member is also a challenge.

Ethiopian products should not be imported for various reasons: health, safety and quality; Ethiopian products, however, are acceptable when roaming around other member states, and membership in the organization attracts a large number of international investors and creates confidence.

Ethiopia has been in the process of negotiating for 18 years to become a member of the organization.

Muse, who is participating in the negotiation process, said Ethiopia has now given priority to becoming a member of the organization and has returned to the process by preparing documents in 2019.

He said the negotiation process is progressing well on various fronts, adding that safeguarding the country's interests is not a last resort.

Currently, 44 countries have expressed interest in developing Ethiopia, and it is said that increasing domestic production capacity and strengthening the economy will continue to be a major task to sustain this growing success.

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