Efforts are being made to address issues related to the supply and distribution of fuel products

Addis Ababa, January 24,  2022 (MOTI) - The Petroleum and Energy Authority (EPA) has discussed with the Ethiopian Petroleum Corporation (EPS) as well as oil companies' associations and media investors a study on the risk of oil smuggling. It is stated that it is being done.

During the meeting, Director General of the Petroleum and Energy Authority, Ahmed Tussa, said that research is underway on the sector's structure, infrastructure and procedures.

He said that based on a study conducted in cities prone to oil smuggling, it is working hard to solve the problems of supply and distribution from the purchasing system to the end users.

We have reached a decision by the government to implement the decision.

He said most of the problems in the oil market will be solved by adjusting the price of the current debt burden and trade deficit.

Finally, Ahmed said the forum is ready to promote the decisions of the directors and how they will be implemented in the future.

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