Anti-Gender Violence Day celebrated with awareness

Addis Ababa, December 01, 2021 (MOTI) - The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Women, Children and Youth Affairs has issued a statement on the occasion of the Anti-Gender Violence Day.

Speaking on the occasion, Director General of Commerce and Negotiations at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations, Muse Mandaye, said it was time to condemn these groups, as well as help mothers and children in shelters, and prevent them from being abused. "People can be replaced by women," he said.

Roman Abdullahi, director of the Women, Children and Youth Directorate of the Metal Industry Development Institute, said the attack was a violation of international human rights treaties, including human rights, human rights and mental health, as well as torture and inhumane treatment. He said it was a denial of rights.

Ms. Roman added that any form of physical, psychological, sexual and economic abuse against women is gender-based.

He said the passage of laws to ensure women's rights and ensure that violence is a crime, the issue of women's policy, and the need for public awareness of the provisions of the law are a sign of the government's commitment.

Coordinated by the Ministry's Women, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate, Anti-Gender Violence or White Riven Day is being celebrated for the 30th time in the world and for the 16th time in our country under the theme "Stop Violence Against Women and Children" on November 16, 2014.

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