Factories in Debre Berhan continue their normal production process and generate foreign exchange

Addis Ababa: January 13,  2022 (MOTI) Three foreign manufacturers and one private developer engaged in the manufacturing sector of Debre Berhan Industrial Park said that they are exporting their products during the campaign.

Berhan Alemneh, head of the Industrial Parks Monitoring and Support Department at the Industrial Parks Development Corporation, said companies in Debre Berhan Industrial Park have been supplying their products to local and foreign markets without interruption.

In the past six months, Ikea has supplied more than $ 1.1 million in foreign exchange to the European market.

He also said that Burtmalt has provided more than $ 20 million worth of products to the domestic market.

He said the continuation of the production process will play an important role in creating jobs for the local community, transferring technology and generating foreign exchange.

According to Shitla Mulugeta, General Manager of the Industrial Park, Ikea Textile & Garment, Burtmalt Malt and Chingchang factories have so far generated more than $ 20 million in foreign exchange.

He said that although the war was approaching, the investors did not stop their work for a while. The community, the leadership and the security agencies have played a key role in this regard.

Eight shades of the industrial park, which has been in place for two years, have been seized by investors and are in the process of producing a variety of products. According to the institute, it plans to earn more than $ 32 million in foreign exchange this budget year.

Debre Berhan Industrial Park's Thanksgiving and Recognition Program for the investors and contributors has been completed on January 3, 2022.

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