Adjustments were made to the retail price of fuel

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation has adjusted its retail price since this month in light of global oil prices.

State Minister for Trade and Licensing, Hassan Mohamed, on his part said the government has not been adjusting the price of oil for the past eight months due to the high cost of living and has caused huge losses to the government.

Fuel Stabilization Fund more than ever until November 2021

 82, 204, 842, 776 birr has been lost and if this situation continues, it will have a negative impact on the country's purchasing power.

According to Ahmed Tussa, Petroleum and Energy Authority, the government will cover 75 percent of the retail price by paying 25 percent of the current retail price.

 MGR Birr 31.74 Birr, Kerosene Birr 28.93 Birr 28.93 Birr, ADO Birr 28.93 Birr, Light Fuel Oil Birr 23.73 Birr, Heavy Fuel Oil Birr 23.29 Birr and Plane Fuel { Jet fuel} Birr 58.77 Birr per night.

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