Reducing the number of qualifications required to qualify for a business license from 52 to 10 plays a significant role in modernizing the business system.

Addis Ababa, Nov 24, 2021 (MOTI) One of the tasks and responsibilities given by the Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation is to work in coordination with the relevant stakeholders to achieve the mission and vision of the business sector. These include ensuring convenience, creating a modern and accessible business environment, and minimizing harm to the business community. It is imperative to create a modern and progressive mindset system in order for the Ministry to fulfill these responsibilities and responsibilities properly. It is an indisputable fact that there are practices that have been in place in the past that have plagued the business community. These bureaucratic practices have been a major obstacle for those in the business community who are keen to engage in the business sector. These ups and downs affected the business sector as well. Recognizing the need to provide timely procurement services to address this major challenge, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation has improved the number of qualifications for business licenses. Previously, the 52 business positions required to qualify for a business license were reduced to 10.

Accordingly, processing and preservation of meat and meat products, production of animal feed, production of basic chemicals, production of medicinal herbs and chemicals, importation of plant seeds, import of food products, importation of agricultural chemicals, import of human medicine and medical equipment, human medicine and medical equipment and equipment Importing and importing human medicine and medical devices and equipment are required for certification.

When this amendment is made, the basic criteria are set, and the standards take into account a system of regulatory control of trade categories that are harmful to human, animal and plant health as well as environmental and national security, negatively impact the country's economy and require specialized skills.

According to the revised Pre-Trade Licensing Qualifications Category, 4 business sectors are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, 2 by the CSS and 4 by the CT.

Although there are sections of society that are keen to engage in business, bureaucrats, especially in government offices, have been the subject of numerous complaints. As a result, our country as a whole has lost its ease of starting a business. This well-developed business system, if implemented with good discipline, can be seen as a great alternative to solving problems in the sector.

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